Hello everyone, we are really excited to be part of Perkville (!

Now you can earn points when you shop and redeem them for special perks. Perks like, $10-$25  or 15% off purchases, FREE book totes and more!

Earn points for your birthday and just for signing up!

We are so pleased to finally have a system up for you all to enjoy. We can’t thank you enough for all your support over the years.



Create an account at Make sure to use the same email account that you signed up with at our boutique. You’ll earn 50 points just for joining!

Here is how you can rack up points:

  • Get 25 bonus points just for signing up!
  • Every dollar spent is 1 point
  • Its your birthday  (20 points)
  • Refer a friend* (20 points)

Here are some of the Perks!

  • 300 Points for $10 off any purchase over $10
  • 500 Points $25 off any purchase over $100
  • Take 15% off next purchase within a week of spending $100


How much does Perkville cost?     

It’s free!


How will I know when I’ve earned points? 

When you come to the shop, our system will inform Perkville of when you’ve earned points. You’ll receive an email from Perkville each time you earn points.  You can also easily track your points on Perkville’s website for earnings from things such as Facebook posts.


What if I want to shop online?

Email us what Perk you’d like to use for our online shop and we will email you back a special coupon code to use online!


When will I be awarded points when I refer a friend to Freyja on Perkville?  

Once you’ve sent a referral email to your friend through Perkville, your friend visits our studio and earns points for shopping. Then you’ll receive your points.


If I give you my email will you spam me?

No, and Freyja nor Perkville will share your address. Only necessary emails will be sent that pertain to your account. In order for us to link the Perkville to our POS and for you to register and login to Perkville, we must use a valid email address thats unique to you. The address you give us at the shop, must be the one you register with on Perkville. Freyja will send a newsletter 4 times a year (you can unsubscribe from the newsletter at anytime). Everytime you shop at Freyja, Perkville will send you an email notifying you of your new points balance.


Fine Print:

If you see an email from “Perkville” in your email box, it is because you provided that email to us at checkout time and opted to start collecting points. Inside that email there is a link to register your account. If you want to look at your points or redeem your points you will eventually have to register on Perkville. But don’t be worried if you don’t get around to this and keep shopping at Freyja, as long as you make sure you have your sales rung though under your name, the points will keep adding up. Make sure to register on Perkville with the exact email you gave us at checkout – its through that email that Perkville and Freyja talk to each other add up your points!

So keep an eye out for the initial email from Perkville.

You cannot use Perkville perks for sale days or already discounted merchandise.

Points will expire after 180 days.

Some perks can only be used once every 30 days.

We hope you love Perkville as much as us!  Any further clarification, just come chat with us in the shop 🙂