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My Dream Day // Chan’s Fashionable Wedding

November 6, 2015

Follow the pack? Never! Traditional? Not a chance!

I got married in May. It was a dream come true. Not just because I finally got to wear a pretty dress and have a big day. It was a dream come true, because of the commitment that I made. Its a very powerful feeling. For two people that are not typically very traditional or religious, the wedding day marked a new beginning for our relationship.

After we got married, I had the typical questions thrown at me, “so does it feel different?”, some would sarcastically snarl. My response was clear. YES! Getting married for us, taking those public vows in front of the ones we love, all the planning for such a “simple” day… yes, it was very different. It was high on happiness and accomplishment. Ryan and I found each other and we are doing this crazy thing called life together and no matter what someone has my back and I have his. I can’t explain it, but it feels different and extremely sacred. We made a real pact, it was important to us.

I wasn’t going to go public with my photos. Perhaps it was because the day was so special and sacred to me. But after a very fun summer of milking the newlywed schtick, Im feeling all the shares for this epic day.

Our wedding was not what you’d expect. We started out planning all the traditional key parts, like the venue and caterer and DJ. But very quickly into the planning for a full fledged wedding day, my anxiety crept higher and higher. Something just wasn’t right and I wouldn’t admit it. On the surface I reasoned with myself. What if I don’t have a traditional wedding and I look back and regret it? That feeling could be horrible. What about all the people that are looking forward to our big day and we would be letting them down if didn’t do all this? I kept that as the focus in the planning. But it all came to a head one Sunday. Ryan and I hashed it out that the big traditional wedding day was just not something for us, and it didn’t excite us. We were doing it for everyone else.

Im happy that we have the wisdom and courage to pull back at that time and reassess what we really wanted for our big day. The big full fledged wedding was just not something that we wanted. So we kiboshed it all. EEKK!! No dinner, no dance, no speeches, no first dance.

Instead we became over-the-top excited with the idea of saying our vows, and they taking off immediately on a dream trip. So that is what we did. We got married with our closest family and Fernie family around us, we toasted prosecco and then jumped in our Jeep and headed to Italy that night!! It was the most exciting time, it was truly our style and we have never looked back – except on our photos to reminisce how amazing our day and honeymoon was. No one was disappointed that we didn’t have a big wedding. All of our true friends and family were very happy with whatever pleased us. They were so happy to share the day with us, some still travelled far for vows and a toast – that was really heartwarming and overwhelming. No matter what you decide on your wedding, your loved ones will be happy for you regardless. Do what you want! Don’t look back.

Wedding style. Now don’t go thinking that just because I was having a simple ceremony that I didn’t want to put all my Chantel-style on the whole thing! Don’t be silly, I still wanted to style the hell out of this thing – styling your own wedding is the BEST! Gah!!! And again I started out planning a fairly predictable 2015 wedding: lots of white, white flowers, mason jars, DIY, yadda yadda yadda. Again I was unknowingly heading down the path of what I thought people wanted to see. But! I nipped that in the bud ASAP and decided to go full-Chanwow on the styling. Pulling together what I really loved, what really inspired me and having a wedding theme that was truly unique to us.

Wedding Colours: Black, White, Red, Gold, Fuchsia,

Wedding Inspo: ValentinoDolce and Gabbana, Italian Gold, Spring in Fernie, Mountain Chic

Flowers: Focus on pink peonies, Green Petal, Fernie BC

Photography: Fresh Photography

Hair: Dayna Deluca, Sparrow for Hair

Makeup: Girls own, with specific lesson from Chan!

Dress: Galina Signature

Shoes: Valentino and Hunter

Props and Styling: Chan’s Own. Special thanks to Flo Barrett for setting it up!

Bridesmaid Dresses: Kate Spade, Betsey Johnson, Vera Wang

Groom: TopShop Man

dream-day-1 dream-day-2 dream-day-3 dream-day-4 dream-day-5 dream-day-6 dream-day-7 dream-day-9 dream-day-10 dream-day-10a dream-day-11 dream-day-11a dream-day-12 dream-day-13 dream-day-14 dream-day-15

Funny thing was, the wedding was on May Long Weekend, I assumed it would rain. Instead we were granted a gorgeous sunny day. Made for sweaty rain boots! (Sorry girls I thought for sure it would be raining!) HA! A wedding in May in Fernie is better then you can imagine. I think the secret is getting out!

When you plan a wedding in Fernie, you can’t depend on weather, so really just pick a date that works the best for you two. Even if you pick August for low chance of rain, you could be smoked out with forest fires like this year. The day will be special regardless!

My message is clear: Do what you want!! Own it and rock your wedding with your own special style and touch. Don’t let any magazine or family member sway you down any boring predictable path!

If you’re asking? What are we up to now all happily ever after and all? Well we had a bit of a surprise this summer, turns out our new family is expanding this coming March! Next stop, parenthood!

Much Love,

Chan xx