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How to Pull Off Black Lipstick // Dylan Explains!

April 9, 2016

How to Pull Off Black Lipstick or any dark lip for that matter…





As the token goth girl her at Freyja dark lipsticks hold a dear spot in my heart and with black lipstick dominating runways this season I figured I would share a few tips and tricks of mine.


1. The first step is to exfoliate and buff your lips. I do this regardless of the colour I’m wearing but darker colours tend to highlight chapped lips. Right now I’m using Popcorn Lip Scrub from Lush, but there are some great DIY scrubs out there too. 2. LIPLINER!! Lipliner is so important when rocking dark lips. Dark lipstick tends to bleed very noticably into surronding skin. Having a lipliner for every shade of lipstcik you own can seem impossible (or is that just me?!) Luckily I have found the solution, Urban Decay’s Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil. It’s a clear pencil to go under any colour, seriously a lifesaver. When applying start by lining your lips, but don’t stop there! Fill in your lips completely to avoid that inner lip fade halfway through your morning coffee. 3. Finally you are ready for some colour. For this step just be sure to apply an even coat and emphasize the outline of your lip to avoid making your lips appear smaller.

How to Wear It

1. Make Up When wearing black lipstick I tend to opt for a lighter look for the rest of my face. Just some mascara and a little bit of blush. This prevents your make up from looking tp heavy and keeps focus on the lips. 2. Clothes You really can wear anything you want with dark lipstick! But when I was first easing into the dark side I would wear lighter clothes to balance the look. However if you know me at all you know my closet is 95% black. So instead of wearing lighter colours I go for a more girly look. A LBD can go a long way. 3. Confidence! The real key to pulling off anything is confidence. If you feel like you are rockin’ it then you are rockin’ it!

From your friendly neighbourhood goth girl Dylan xx