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Getting In Touch With Your Inner Witch // Dylan Spills

July 11, 2016

Getting In Touch With Your Inner Witch

Back at it again with another witch blog! Seriously, I can’t get enough. Probably has a lot to do with the new HP book coming out/me re-reading all 7 of the books. My last blog talks about what being a modern witch was all about, so today I’m writing about how to get in touch with that badass inner witch.

Accepting the Feminist

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Feminist is not a bad word! Witches by nature are feminists, we are empowered by each other (literally) and we love to see other women succeed. Being a witch has a lot to do with embracing those womanly powers and erasing any negative attitudes towards women.

Trust Your Gut

Strengthening your inner voice is key! If you’ve ever had a feeling you just could t shake it was probably for a reason. Meditating can really help amplify that voice. Light a few, or several, candles to enhance the meditation process. Candles can heighten a witches powers. Reflecting over Tarot cards is also an excellent way to really clarify that gut feeling.

Get to Know Your Stones

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Crystal and stones aren’t just decorations. Different crystals have different powers and magical properties. Whether you need some help concentrating (onyx) or need some harmony in your life (rose quartz), crystals can help create the atmosphere you need, plus they’re really pretty.

Forget the Cloaks and Pointy Hats There’s no dress code for today’s witch! Dress to empower yourself. If you like rocking all black, do it! If you feel pretty pink more power to yah? It’s not about what you wear, it’s about your mindset.

Get Together With Your Fellow Witches

The best way to learn is from each other. Finding a mentor or just a friend to practice with is a fun way to stretch those witchy muscles. Reading Tarot cards or creating spell is always more fun with a friend! And with social media the possibilities are endless! Get on the gram and find this witches.

We are All Witches

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You may not always feel like a witch, or may not ever feel like a witch. But being a witch is just about realizing how powerful you really are! You are the creator of yourself and the world you live in! Deep down there’s a badass witch in all of us.

Dylan xx


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