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Dylan’s Witchy Advice // Being a Witch Today

June 23, 2016

What Being a Witch Means Today

Historically, witches kinda got a bed rep. It seems the reputations witches received had a lot to do with societies internal issues with the role of women. Most of the people that were prosecuted as witches were independent, outspoken, and strong women. Claiming “witch!” was a way to keep these women down and prevent them from gaining any sort of power.

However, ladies have been taking the meaning of being a witch back! Today being a witch is all about not giving a F! Speaking up on things that matter to you! Being a girl boss and a feminist. Supporting your fellow witches. Trusting your gut feelings, loving yourself and being yourself unapologetically.

For some inspiration here are a few witches that demonstrate these qualities and made being a witch awesome!


Samantha Stephens (Bewitched) Samantha broke the rules and went against her mother’s wishes to marry a mortal man. Even though she recieved numerous threats she decided to stay true to herself and follow her heart. Although she went against her own kind she never did it out of spite and she always stood up for what she believed was right.

Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser (Outlander) Claire is a women well ahead of her time. In the 18th century she began practicing medicine, an exclusively male profession at the time. She is passionate, independent, and stubborn, especially when it comes to taking orders. She’s never afraid to question authority!


Hermione Granger, and the rest of the HP Witches Hermione has never been afraid to prove that she is smarter than you. She’s also one of the few girls that show us you can follow the rules and still kick butt. She’s always getting the boys out of trouble and sticking by her friends no matter what. Then there’s Luna Lovegood, who’s always true to her weird self and Ginny Weasley, although small, very strong and not afraid to stand up for her friends and herself. And of course Professor McGonagall who’s just a badass in general.

Let’s take the witch back ladies!

Love and hexes Dylan🔮 xx


Chan’s note: Blogger Gala Darling is one of my favourite real life modern witches! You gotta check her out!