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Saskatoon Berry Magic in Fernie BC

July 29, 2016


Are you having an staycation time in Fernie at all this summer? Im home with a 4 month old so my beach time has been cut to under 10% –  if I’m lucky. I decided to take in a couple local activities that I have always said I was going to do, but now I have the excuse to stay in town and check it out.

I have always wanted to berry pick. Seems simple enough, but Ive never done it. I usually just pick up a crate of berries at the supermarket once in a while if they are on sale. So I packed baby up at 8am, before it would get too hot, and set out along the highway on the trail by The Stanford Hotel… and made my way to the Dairy Queen side of the Anderson Road turnoff (there are ‘toon bushes along there too).

I got 2 big bowls full in about an hour and a half, and that was stopping to change baby and play a bit.


If you plan to pick more then a bowl, Id suggest some rubber gloves. My hands were quite purple and sticky, thank goodness I had baby wipes!

Its easy to spot a Saskatoon berry bush, they are distinctive by there shooting upright branches and bright hot pink to dark purple berry bunches. ( I goggled images before heading out haha).

When I got home, I filled the kitchen sink with cold water and a cup of vinegar. Dumped the berries in and let them sit for 30 or so minutes. Not that I was worried about germs or pesticides, but it helped with any dust from the highway. When I went to drain I saw a tiny millipede struggling for his life. Glad I found him, not sure I want that kind of extra “flavour”.

Then it was baking time. I cheated this time. I won’t lie. I bought store pre-made tart shells and pie shells. But I did make fresh pie dough for the lattice top (and I only did that because I have a Kitchen Aid mixer and that makes life soon much easier).


I used this pie crust recipe and this filling recipe, substituting the blueberries for Saskatoon berries. I would cut the butter chunks from the filling recipe in half FYI.

I also discovered a new whipped cream – whipped coconut cream! Lactose and dairy free! It tastes so good!!!


Enjoy your freshly forged ‘toon pies!

I love a good pie and this fall dont forget about Creston BC peach harvest, they make great pies! I always make a day trip out there to load up.

Here are some I made last fall. Recipe for peach pie here.