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5 Best Bets for Fall and GORJANA !!

September 26, 2016
5 Must Have Investments this Fall! + Check out our new jewelry line – GORJANA!!
Fall is here! All your favourite shops are stocked with new and exciting fall pieces and you want it all. It’s a great time of year for clothes shopping but not so great for the bank balance! Here are my top 5 buys for right now that you won’t regret!
1. Turtlenecks
  Fall is my favourite season as you get to start layering; sweaters, scarfs, vests and boots = cosy! This year a turtleneck is a must. Not only does give a new feel to an old look you can’t get any cosier! Layer under sweaters/ jackets and even dresses. Get some extra wear out of a sleeveless or evening dress by adding a turtleneck. We have several colour options in store right now come and grab one or several to kick start your fall wardrobe.
2. Sweater dress
  This ultra versatile fall go to is worth investing in as the weather turns chilly. Chunky and texture is always a winner but anything soft will have you grabbing for it again and again! Whatever your style we have you covered in store; oversized, cowl neck, neutral or colour come try some on today!
3. Choker
   If you haven’t invested in a choker yet then do! This trend is sticking around and it’s the perfect way to bring any outfit up to date. Skinny or thick, lace or suede there’s so many options so find one that speaks to you. Not sure how to style it? No worries head to the store and one of us will be able to help you!
4. Something velvet.
  Or suede or cord or leather or lace. I am obsessed anything with texture and I need (want) it in my life. There are so many options out there right now and doesn’t have to be a big statement. Find something you like and go for it. For those of you who can’t get away from the all black look this is the perfect way to add interest to an outfit while staying in you black comfort zone. An easy purchase is a velvet choker which ticks 2 boxes at once. My favourite in-store piece is a velvet cord long sleeve t-shirt. It’s velvet and cord! What’s not to love, comes in black or midnight blue.
5. A body
  If you haven’t already discovered the body then now is the time. Looks great simply with jeans and boots and layered under sweaters. Top marks for lace, velvet or turtleneck again ticking several boxes on different trends at once. Perfect for pairing with a pencil skirt or high waist pants to get those smooth, sleek lines.
And, shiny things make us drool… we have a new exciting line from Laguna Beach Cali to share with you all – Gorjana! We have a lot in stock and some of the best sellers up on our webstore!
Pronounced: Gor-YA-na

Gorjana Reidel is a jewelry designer based in Laguna Beach, CA. With her background in fine jewelry, in 2004, she set out on a quest to create affordable luxury – beautiful, timeless jewelry at an approachable price. Today, Gorjana’s beloved designs are stocked in major retail stores and in hundreds of boutiques worldwide. The pieces are plated, 18K gold plating,  18K rose gold or plating Silver plating. In addition to the jewelry’s plating, we apply a protectant e-coat (electrophoretic coat) to help maintain its shine, quality and durability.


Care: Gorjana jewelry carries extremely powerful and positive vibrations. Preserve its plating properties by avoiding contact with cleaning agents, beauty products and water.

Inspired by the California lifestyle, Gorjana’s designs are known for its fine finishes, versatile qualities and light feel. Beautifully crafted jewelry that you’ll want to layer on and won’t want to take off.

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