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Who is behind the Magic of Harlow Skin Co. ?

November 18, 2015


We are in love with our new skin and candle line, Harlow Skin Co. from Vancouver BC. And we also love a great entrepreneur story. So naturally we caught up with the woman behind this magical line. Let us introduce Chrystal!

Chan: Tell us a little bit about yourself?
Chrystal:  I’ve lived in Vancity now for about 3 years, I was living in Whistler before and Toronto before that. I went to design school in Toronto and had a clothing line before I started doing makeup almost 13 years ago. I love to hike, bike and be out and about in nature.. if I’m not in nature i’m doing yoga or making food, I love to cook! Most evenings you’ll find me cuddled up with my loves(man and dog) watching a movie.



Chan: Have you always been an entrepreneur?

Chrystal: As long as I’ve been a makeup artist I have always worked for myself, so I guess I have always worked for myself. I am always dreaming up ventures and projects but I think that it all has to do with timing..Harlow has happened so organically and seems to be very much at the right time and place.


Chan: What was the inspiration for Harlow? Did you see a special niche market for this?

Chrystal: I have been a makeup artist and new artist trainer for many brands throughout the years and with that comes research into ingredients and what they do for the skin. When talk about parabens came about several years ago much more information became available on the other side of the there was much more about the icky stuff, when you get reading into that and how our skin absorbs these things it’s a rabbit hole, down you go until you wake up and realize(well i did) that we’ve got to make a change for ourselves and our kids, kids, kids. People are more aware and conscious about what they consume and the numbers are only growing. We can change the standard of health and beauty to clean by switching things out one day at a time. I suppose we saw a need over a niche but we thought, why does healthy always have to look healthy? Luxury, for us translates into health and wellbeing but we appreciate a little style. We wanted to design a product that embodied that concept inside and out, a clean, stylish aesthetic with quality to match. It feels good, looks good and is good!!


Chan: Do you make the products yourself or do you have them locally sourced.

Chrystal: All our potions are lovingly crafted in house!

Chan: How did you decide and create some of the scents? They are so unique and magical, my fav is Bohemian!

Chrystal: When designing scents we went with the knowledge that everyone is different and has very different taste when it comes to scent..we came up with a BUNCH and then narrowed it down to a good variety where we hope that at least one will capture you and become yours.

Chan: What challenges if any did you find creating your own business, and how would you advise a new person in business?

Chrystal: There are always challenges and there are good days and bad days. I would say that if you never start it you’ll never know but if you don’t do anything you’ll never grow. So cheesy but true! Just stay motivated and have a good support network or find a good wine!


Chan: Any new news on the Harlow end? Any special holiday scents or new happenings you want to share?

Chrystal: We’ve got a lot of things in our brain, a few new things happening in February which we’re pretty excited about so you’ll definitely want to stay tuned!!


Chan: Bonus Question! If someone was buying online and was unsure, how could you convince them to try a candle or body butter?

Chrystal: If someone was unsure of a body butter I would ask them what type of scent they usually go for and suggest one that I know they will love and I would explain the benefits of using a whole product over a commercial product. Maybe they don’t buy it but the next time they shop for skincare they may turn the bottle around and have a peek at the ingredients on the commercial product. They will no doubt second guess it and possibly make a different decision, they may buy Harlow.


Harlow Skin Co. is sure to make an impression, and no doubt will make fantastic gifts this season. You can purchase candles and body butters at Freyja or online at the new Freyja online store. 

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Good luck to Chrystal, we are excited to be apart of your magic and look forward to your new announcements!


Chan xx


All Photos Courtesy of Harlow Skin Co. Via Jessika Hunter Photography