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May 14, 2016

Most of you know, because I was waddling around the city for 9 months, that I was pregnant. My son, Holden Ryan, was born March 23rd. Everyone is healthy and happy!

As mommyhood loomed and nearly every mom in town was quick to point out how devastatingly different life was going to be, my type A personality took the bull by the horns and planned how I was going to manage my “style” once baby arrived. Maybe you’ll scoff at this, but I felt it was important to me, to not lose “me” with this drastic change coming about.

If you are due this year, here are my best “New Mom Style Tips”. This is what I prepared for a spring season of mommyhood craziness, tiredness and on-the-go mommy-ing (as I am not taking a proper mat leave).

  1. A Cool Mom Hat: hwlPut a hat on it! This gem I stole from my husband. I wear it out it while he is at work, he has no idea. I have observed some important hat information from the other sex. It seems the cool thing is to wear a hat of the sports team you support that is playing in the current season, double cool points if that team has a game that day. Deduct cool points if you wear a hat of a sports team that is not the team you support. Since it seems to me the Toronto Blue Jays play every day, wearing a Blue Jays hat to cover my greasy hair is totally on point! My pick is the classic fitted hats from New Era. Good thing my husband and I are the same size head. Get a cool hat to cover up that hair girl! Dry shampoo only goes so far, trust me I just pushed the boundaries and learned after 5 days, its just all bad you aint fooling anyone.

2. Cool Mom Shoes:

images-3I picked up a new fresh pair of sneaks before my due date. Shoes are difficult to find in Fernie, let alone having the time to try shoes on while toting a baby around while out of town, so get some cool shoes before baby comes. I went with a stylish mom approved classic pair of New Balance in all-over olive. These work with many outfits, as sneakers are totally in right now. Plus I feel I’m super safe and properly supported while walking around town with Holden in the Bjorn carrier. See, Im totally a good mom!


3. Leggings:

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 1.56.42 PMIf you are lucky to fit into your pre pregnancy jeans after you come home from the hospital like Chrissy Teigan, well good for you. Me however, it seems like those Paige jeans will take a couple months of long walks on the dyke to get back on. So, I invested in 3 pairs of tights. One good black pair, a deep cherry and a fun camo pair. I bought them all in high waist, as this felt the best on my healing abs and flabby tummy. I have been rotating these over and over as the pee and puke stains come to be and stay. Cant say they smell great, but I look half decent!



4. A big cool sweater:

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 2.08.56 PMI have worn this so much, a big stretchy sweater to hide out and stay warm in the mountain breeze. I dont have time to put on a jacket people! This sweater is a dream, grey is chic and this boyfriend oversize look is so in, so you’ll find this look in many collections. There are some great ones in Freyja right now!






5. A Updated Pair of Frames: cd3228_clbThe girls over at Rocky Mountain Optometry hunted for weeks when I told them I wanted a fun modern pair of frames, a real statement piece. I thought why not get a new pair of cool frames to cover my face when I have no time for mascara! Not only can I see clearly as I drive my kid around, Im sporting a fresh look. Im soooo responsible! I went with a pair of Diors!

Best of luck new moms! Stay true to you and a couple tweaks and easy access pieces will have you sporting baby around town stylish and comfortable! Get it all ready before the due date!

And no, the “Cut” hasnt got me yet!

Ps. Last tip, keep a tinted lip moisturizer in the diaper bag. Sometimes all you can do is get a lip on and that itself might just be enough to make you feel human. I use the Freyja lip gloss because its paraben free, made in Canada and my hair doesn’t stick to my lips!

Meet Holden, born March 23rd under a full moon, 7.15 lbs, 22.5 inches:

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 2.25.09 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 2.25.55 PM



New Balance shoes pic Courtesy of

Leggings picture Courtesy of Aritizia,

Hat pic by New

Grey Sweater Courtesy of

Holden Pictures by Eyelet Photography

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