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The Behind the Scenes of the Oscar’s Dresses

March 3, 2016
Oscars: Picking A Dress – Getting a Seamstress and Stylist!
As usual the Oscars was another star studded event with celebrities showing up looking their best. While the main headlines are all about Leonardio Decaprio and his win (finally go Leo!) for me its always about the dresses!
Have you ever wondered how an actress ends up wearing a certain dress? The process is actually lengthy and involves a huge team of people. Actresses dont just go into a shop and pick out what they want to wear. There is only so many Oscar worthy dresses each year and both designers and celebrities have commitments and lists of who can wear what. For a A-list celebrity who is successful with either a win in previous years, nominations or presenting gig your sought after by top designers.
Its a huge PR stunt for one of their gowns to be worn by an actress who will be talked to by every news station, blogged about and featured in all the fashion magazines.
Relatively unknown designers can be thrown into the limelight literally overnight by a well chosen gown and prehaps a suprise win. On the other hand designers have a list of actresses that they want to wear their gowns and first pick goes to the face or muse of their brand.
Often these actressses have a gown custom made by a designer, Charlize Theron is the muse for Dior and she had the sultry red number made especailly for her. This allows a dress to be made to fit a body and style to suit the actress including colour choice. Red works so well on Charlize with her blond hair which was probably considered when designing the dress.
If you are not lucky enough to be one of the sort after its up to a stylist to be on point to get that desired gown. Stylists who either have worked with the actress for years or are hired by the studio for all the press engagements for the film will be at all the fashion shows and once they see that oscars worthy dress they go backstage to secure it for their client often not even waiting for the end of the show.
Negotiations are made between stylist and the designers people, managers, agents also all weigh in on weather the dress is the dress.
Once a dress has been selected a whole another team of people are involved to get accessories including millons of dollars in jewels, hair and make stylists to complete the look often with a similar process to the dress selection. A team of seamstresses are also responsible to get the dress to fit perfectly. Jennifer Lawrence had 12 dior couturiers fitting her into her dior couture gown. While Chrissy Teigan tweeted a photo on her instagram of being sewn into her Marchesa dress so it fitted her baby bump immacuatly (didnt she look flawless!?).
Even when the actress are moments away from walking the carpet last minute checks are being done to prevent wardrobe malfunctions, incase flash bulbs make a dress see through or extra body tape to keep those plunging necklines in place. Rachel Mcadams even appeared to have tweaks made after her red carpet walk. Her beautiful August Getty Atelier gown had some noticable creases from sitting in the limo which appeared to be steamed out before her award presenting moment.
After all the hard work by the numerous team of people the finished red carpet look is as as close to perfection as your going to get and definatly enjoyable for us to watch from the comfort of our sofas and pjs!
If you have an event coming up this year and dont have the team an oscar actress has to hand dont despair. Here are some top tips to looking your best for those black tie events.
When shopping for a gown wear approprite underwear when trying on a dress. It makes a huge differance to the overall look and can completely change lines. Also consider if it is figure hugging or low backed what undergarments you will need to complete the look.
You may be suprised to hear many celebrities wear spanx or control slips for for those figure hugging desses to smooth out the lines even if they are slender.
Take some heels with you if you plan to wear them as it changes your posture. Even if your not a heel kind of girl consider a small kitten heel or wedge as it really makes you stand correctly and gives the gown a better look.
When buying a dress dont max out your budget, remember there will be extra costs associated like with accessories and fitting costs of a seamstress which are not usually included in the purchase.
Leave pleanty of time, wedding dresses can take as long as 8 months to arrive and most 12400832_756455251156581_5661954930611469979_nseamstress have a wait time of at least several weeks to do alterations with busy times like grad and the summer wedding season up to 6 weeks.
If your struggling to find a dress that fits or suits your body shape consider a custom gown. As a seamstress I can work to your budget and the cost of altering an off the rack gown can start to add up.
To avoid disppointment or last minute stress contact me ahead of time to book a slot for either alterations or custom work to get that red carpet look.
Picture 1 Courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar

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