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Gift Guide for the Fernie Lady // We Got You Covered!

December 14, 2015

Every year we all say it: “Christmas has come up so quickly!” Let this gift blog serve as a guide to swiftly help you get your shopping done and become a hero Christmas morning!

Staff stylists are on stand by to assist and help you!


  1. The Gift of Pyrrha

What you need to know:

All the cool celebrities are wearing Pyrrha. Every girl wants one. All necklaces are hand crafted in Vancouver by a kick ass husband-wife duo. They travel around the world collecting 19th century wax seals and impress them onto reclaimed metal. Silver or Bronze options. Each necklace holds a special meaning that you can pick out special for your lady. This is a killer gift.



2. The Gift of Harlow Skin Co. Candles and Body Butter

What you need to know:

Sometimes this kind of item is hard for the Fernie lady to buy for herself. (Especially moms!) Thats why its a perfect gift, because its luxurious and they normally wouldn’t buy it for themselves. All wood wick candles and body butters and handcrafted and poured in Vancouver of only the finest ingredients. This is a great stocking stuffer or add on to a gift card or sweater gift.



3. The Gift of Bamboo Layers

What you need to know:

Most women in Fernie are already wearing a pair or have several, but because we live in these products you can never have enough. Or maybe having a second colour would be great. A pair of these leggings and the matching tank top is literally what we all want to throw on in the morning underneath our cozy sweaters and dresses.



4. The Gift of Warmth

What you need to know:

Sweaters and sweater dresses. Its hard to go wrong here. Sweater styles right now are loose and flattering, so it makes a great gift because chances of it bombing are low. Staff can guide you around to all the options. A cute sweater with a  pair of bamboo leggings is an AWESOME gift!



5. The Gift of Tonic Lifestyle

What you need to know:

Fernie women are no fuss. Tonic Lifestyle, made in Vancouver, is our casual yoga line. The “hoodies” and tops are made of organic cotton and natural blends like bamboo or tencel. Fashionable and flattering. You can’t go wrong here.

Photography by Decoro Portraits.


6. The Gift of Justine Brooks Jewelry

What you need to know:

How about a unique piece of jewelry made in Whistler and inspired by BC? Justine is a great example of a entrepreneur inspired by the beauty of BC. Women love her stuff. We can package it up all cute in a box for you too.



7. Free People Clothing

What you need to know:

Ahhhhhh Free People is our #1 requested product line and most adored by all. Its a boho chic clothing line from the USA. Its a treat to take home a piece from Free People – thats why opening a present Christmas morning with Free People in it is sure to delight. We have dresses, socks, bras and tops  – all killer pieces in a variety of prices.




8. Fleece Leggings – Holiday Leggings for Mom and Daughter

What you need to know:

$25-$29 in price range. Lots of different colours and patterns. This has become a tradition at Freyja. Dads, boyfriends, family have picked up pairs of these for Christmas eve pyjamas. We have mom, teen sizes and girl sizes 2 years old to 6 years old. They are the gift that keeps on giving well after Christmas when the temp drops!


9. Gift Cards!

What you need to know:

This is a great gift for a Freyja lover. Why? She can put the amount towards a big priced item she’s had her her on, she can come down for Boxing Day sales and go nuts. She can save it for post baby as a treat for after her pregnancy. So many great ways to use a gift card and they are always appreciated! We are not set up for Gift Card purchases online, but we can do one up for you over the phone and mail it to you free of charge or have it ready for pick up pronto for you.


10. Leg Warmers, Socks, Boot Cuffs, Scaves and Toques.

What you need to know:

Wide variety and price ranges for anyone looking for a quite but thoughtful gift. Wrapped up under the tree in a Freyja bag with curly ribbon is a great way to say I love you and shop local this holiday.

Photography by Decoro Portraits.

Photography by Decoro Portraits.



Hope this helps you! You can also shop conveniently on our online store and have us mail it to you or have it ready at the store for pick up.

Anyway we can help you, please let us know!


Chan xx


Photos courtesy of: Decoro Portraits, Asos, Pyrrha, Justine Brooks, Harlow Skin Co and Pinterest.

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