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Fernie Style Icon // Sage McBride of Shred Kelly

October 10, 2015

When I think of style icons in Fernie, Sage McBride of Shred Kelly comes to mind. For years she’s been on the stage in Fernie singing and playing music, you can’t help but love her look.  Its boho, its nordic, its folk, its totally the personal Sage McBride brand she’s crafted over the years! What is a style icon? At Freyja we celebrate that everyone has a unique personal style, and some players in the style game are influencers and mavens. Those standouts are style icons. They inspire our own style and create a little magic wherever they go. Sage comes from Ontario, but has made Fernie home for the last ten years.


Lets talk more with Sage.

Chan: How would you describe your personal style?

Sage: Im boho chic with a 90s edge. Im drawn to pieces that are moveable and earthy. Its taken me time to really develop my style. I guess you could say I take some inspiration from old 90s flicks.

Chan: Which is your favourite?

Sage: Oh probably Ten Things I Hate About You!


Chan: How important is personal style to you?

Sage: Its your expression, its telling everyone who you are. I think its important to reflect whats going on with you, whether that be your career or your passions. I waver between my street style to my day job style to my stage style. So my careers sometimes dictate what I’m wearing. Some days Im teaching spin, some days I’m teaching pre-school and who knows what the next day will bring – dressing for a long road trip or strolling LA with friends. I dress for whatever the occasion in my own stylish way haha!




Chan: What are your style essentials?

Sage: I love leggings, nylons and fun skirts. I also love a good crop top!! Those essential pieces really did take me time to craft and collect though. I didn’t always know what worked best on my body type. I experimented a lot over the years but Ive really grown into what works best for my body and style and I have collected a pretty awesome wardrobe…that I’m always adding too as well. When I go shopping now, I really just zone in on those pieces that I know I can rock. I have pretty long legs haha! I grew up in a small town and then I ended up in Vancouver in my early 20s, thats really when I broke out of the norm and started honing my style and trying new things. Being anonymous in a city is great for that. I absolutely love popping into local boutiques in towns and cities when on tour to scout and find random cool accessories and pieces that no one else has!

Chan: What are some of your favourite brands?

Sage: Free People, Gentle Fawn, I love a good browse through Urban Outfitters too.


Chan: Any style advice for your younger self?

Sage: Don’t get bangs! Hahah and avoid jeans. Jeans just don’t work on my body I had a constant muffin top, it was bad. I think that its important to try new things and experiment though, thats how I got to be as comfortable as I am. I look back on some photos, but you really got to forgive yourself for your past transgressions in fashion! Please don’t dig up an old photo of me in jeans with bangs! (Chan note: I could have but I didn’t, all evidence hidden safely)

Chan: Tell me about dressing for the stage with the band, is there a lot of thought that goes into that?

Sage: For sure, you want to make sure, if you are in a band, that you stand out as the band. You want to set yourself apart. You gotta rock it up for sure. Because of the style of our band – we are fairly casual. So what I’ll do is take a casual top, but pair it with a leather skirt and some fun tights and killer boots. Just so I’m keeping in theme with the band, but still making a statement. I am fairly low-fuss low-maintenance though, sometimes when you are on tour, you just don’t have time or the right kind of backstage area to “get ready” in. You can’t be a princess on the road.



Chan: You are done summer touring, whats next for Shred Kelly this fall and winter?

Sage: Well, we are just about ready to release our album worldwide on Nov 13th. We are also currently planning our US and Europe tour for the next year. We have some really exciting things to look forward too.

Chan: Fashion House of Choice – I ask everyone this question!

Sage: Chloe

(Note: found the this from the movie 10 Things I Hate About You! hahaha crop top and fluffy skirt)


Good luck this winter Sage and thanks for spreading a little fashion magic in Fernie and wherever you go 🙂


Chan xx


Photo Creds: Stage Sage Pic 1 Danielle Lindenbaum, Stage Stage Pic 2 Colleen Gentemann Photography, 10 Things I Hate About You Touchstone Pictures.



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