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Style Showdown // Winners Announced !!

August 4, 2015

Flo Barrett had her work cut out for her Monday night. Judging the winners for our first ever Instagram style showdown. This contest was born from an idea that crossed my head while I was marking down the ugliest sweaters in the store’s history. No matter what, we couldn’t sell these offending sweaters. So instead we turned to Instagram and boom – S T Y L E  S H O W D O W N – was born. All staff stylists at Freyja are unapologetically Instagram obsessed! Especially when it comes to our favourite style bloggers. (Our top ten style bloggers are at the end of this post!)

We had about 40 women calling in, but only 15 sweaters to pass out, these ladies were lucky to nab a sweater! This has obvs been a great response so follow us on Instagram to learn when launch another style showdown later this year! (@freyjalifestyle) So much magic making happening!


1st place: @sarahbuchan2

a full debrief why:

46/50 Points, Great picture, constant use of detail. Fabulous outfit and solid execution. You win $250 in Summer Clothes!! We will text you the details!


2nd place: @tanzie12

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 9.28.36 AM

a full debrief why:

38/50 points. Very chic all around, Strong impulse with clean thought delivery. Really great job. You have a prize pack waiting for you at Freyja!!


3rd place: @haileyglover

a debrief why:

Fab fab fab and fab filter. Love the location and pose. You have a prize pack waiting for you at Freyja!!


Special thanks to all the entries!! You all totally captured the contest and made all those sweaters wearable. That was a hard task! Keep up the great Instagrams and we are excited to follow your fashion now!

Stay tuned for more style showdowns!!



Do you love styling? Love fashion instagrams and blogging? Us too! If you rant following these ladies below, you simply must!

Freyja’s Top Ten Fashion Instagrammers:

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