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Chalk Paint // DIY Refinished Chairs

April 29, 2015

I discovered chalk paint a year ago and I have been obsessed. What is it? Its paint that you can literally paint anything with, no sanding needed. Because it dries as chalk, you can sand off and give pieces a beautiful distressed vintage look. Suddenly that 70s buffet hutch becomes the best piece in your house.

I tackled 2 projects this spring. One was to makeover my dining room and the other was to create some wedding props for my upcoming wedding photos.

Here is a little glimpse at what chalk paint can do for you! Its super easy to do!

My makeover of the 90s country table chairs. Chalk paint and a simple stapler reupholster job with Pendelton Blanket material.




finished table

My next project was to refinish some old chairs so that they would be used in my wedding portraits…


Bought for $80 at the Sweet Shop Antique Shop in Fernie, I removed the pads to paint.




First I spray painted them gold, so that when I distressed them a little gold would pull through.



Then I painted with the white chalk paint, I dilute my 1/3 with water, so a little really goes a long way.


TaDa!! Cant wait to use these in my wedding photos. The gold pleather I got at Fabricland in the discount section for $5!

I have used both the American Paint Co and FAT Paint Co. Both work great, but I did prefer the FAT Paint better. You can only by Fat Paint from a retailer, American you can buy online from the Crowsnest Pass.

Its a great product and so fun to restore an old piece. Both companies recommend using a wax to finish and seal the product. I scrapped that and bought a can of clear matte water based varnish at Home Depot. Its worked fabulous!!

Have Fun!!


-Chan xx




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