Spring 2015 Fashion Forecast!!

January 26, 2015

Hello, the weather is sure co-operating with today’s blog. Isn’t it marvellous out there! Yes, marvellous! xx

Alexa, is our fab new addition to the Cranbrook shop and has been researching for us all! Everyone keeps asking, “what is in for spring?”, so here you go –  the best of the best trends for Spring 2015.

Freyja’s Spring 2015 collections are already unpacked, steamed and selling off the shelves as we speak, new arrivals daily – as per usual!


Alexa’s Spring 2015 Trends Report! 

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Trend: Sporty Minimalism
  • Judo/Obi Belts
  • Perforated Bags
  • Polo Shirts with Maxi Skirts
  • Blue/White Tie Dye
  • XXL Chain Jewelry
  • Circular Handbags
  • Kimono Style Trenches
  • Sync-able Watches
  • Slogan Bracelets
  • Flats/Sneakers
  • Chunky Sandals
  • Sneaker Wedges
  • Scuba Blue
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Trend: Utility
  • Oversized Wind Breakers
  • Cropped Trousers
  • Layered Military Colours
  • Lace + Fatigues
  • Leather
  • Horse Bridle Bracelets
  • Doc Martins
  • “Sexed-up” Gladiators
  • Slouchy Cuts
  • Shirt Dresses
  • Reconstructed or Baggy Denim
  • Reflective Outerwear
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Trend: Chic
  • Head to Toe Neutrals or White
  • Bold Florals
  • High Waist Skirts with Crop Tops
  • Feathers
  • Apron Skirts
    Exaggerated Cat’s Eye Shades
  • Handheld Bags
  • Pointed Ballet Flats with Ankle Straps
  • Unusual Animal Prints
  • Ombré Jewelry
  • Blue/Gold or Rose/Gold
  • Stacked Rings with Nautical Themes
  • Vivid Outerwear
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Pyrrha-THREE Pyrrha-one

Trend: 1970s

  • Maxi Skirts
  • Disc or Statement Earrings
  • Structured Bags
  • High Waist/Wide Legged Pants
  • Suede Everything
  • Ultra Wide Brimmed Hats
  • Platform Sandals
  • Psychedelic Prints
  • High Necklines
  • Fringe/Tassles
  • Brown Leather
  • Gingham
  • Chokers
  • Old World Jewelry
  • Crystal Jewelry
  • Bohemian Prints
  • Large Pendants




Have a sunny day 🙂

Alexa x



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