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Speaking of Music Festivals…

May 4, 2014


Music Festivals has been a major part of my life for a good number of years. Not only have they always been a summer institution in my life, I have been part of the Fernie festival – Wapiti – since its inception, and I work on that year round.

Coming up this month I’m off to Sasquatch Music Festival. This will be my second time to Sasquatch. I am a huge fan of the venue – the Gorge Amphitheatre in George, Washington. No its not Coachella, but you are only beating 25,000 people out of the way vs 100,000!

After all my years at festivals, this is my god honest best advice:

1. At your campsite, bring a tall stick/pole to latch on to a vehicle so that you can find your campsite late at night. Decorate it with solar lights.

2. Babywipes. Most of you know this, but it is important to wipe down everything every night or morning. I also, because Im a nerd, carry a ziploc bag of baby wipes in my bag, for all those porta potties that run out of paper.

3. Leggings – it may be 30 degrees out, but as soon as the sun goes down you’ll want to throw on a pair of leggings. I keep a pair rolled up in my bag.

4. Hydration, drink water all the time, even if you don’t think you need it. Because nothing sucks worse then your poor body being so completely bagged that you actually choose to miss a good band because you are “too tired”. Stay fed and hydrated between all the beers. Chug water before bed and in the morning. Bring Advil!

5. Make sure you plan on some chill time on a blanket. Some of the best times and photos are from just chilling.

6. If people are being negative, ditch em. Who needs that shit when the festival is something you have been looking forward to for so long.

7. Pick a meeting point for all stages. Last year at Saasquatch, our Fernie crew had a rule at every stage we were to meet up at the front to the right under the big screens. So no matter if you lost people or were lost yourself, you can always find your buds. It was a great “rule” because nearly the whole crew watched all concerts together – awwwwwww!

8. Booze: Don’t be that girl. Your friends have been looking forward to this and paid a lot to be there, they don’t want to babysit you. And its okay to ditch a babysit job when the red flags arise. We are all adults, handles yourselves!

9. Respect, if you are a visitor, act like you would want visitors here in Fernie. Douche-baggery will only lead to baaaaad festival karma, and you don’t want that. i.e. your campsite raided and all your shit stolen.

10. Dress up! Have fun and wave that freak flag. Every festival I always bring a tickle trunk of extra goodies because there is always a couple of girls that were too scared to pack some fun shit, and then they get there, see everyone dressing up in something fun and feel left out and and even more intimidated in the end. Cool sunglasses, fun shirts, or go big with costumes. Whatever!

11. If you totally fall in love with a band. Go the merch booth a buy the band shirt – it will make you smile for years!

12. If you go down that road with drugs, just remember that its probably 90% bath salts. WHY RISK IT??

13. Dance like no one is watching baby!!!


Some Excellent Instagrams from last year:

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