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Free People Comes to Freyja

April 4, 2014

Free People stands out to me as a brand that not only is beloved by all women with 250 area code, but also a source of incredible fashion inspiration that has trickled into all of your closets whether you know it or not.

This brand is the bohemian standard in fashion. This is the centre of the boho fashion universe ( which we are all striving to live in, riiiight??)

So, I must say that I apologize for not bringing Fernie the goods sooner. I suppose I sat on my ass with it for some time, perhaps scared of some of the price points. But after doing a small amount of research and by merely glancing in my own closet and the amount of Free People I have personally invested in, I knew the answer was clear.

Freyja will be getting a monthly shipment of Free People, each month I will go through their monthly theme and hand pick the best pieces for Fernie, always thinking of quality vs costs.

What I love about this company, aside from its insane style, is that even for a massive company they are looking out for their smaller boutique retailers. MeaningĀ that, some pieces that you will find in Freyja will not be not the website, they have some unique styles reserved just for independent boutiques. Some styles, like the best sellers and most popular pieces, will crossover be available in Freyja too!

Not familiar with this brand, here are some photos courtesy of Free People to sum up boho chic style they produce oh so well.

Copy-of-FP_Stone-Cold-Bride-11 FP_Blog_Contact_image Free People 5 Free People Bohemian Hippie Maxi Looks for April via Triple Max Tons (4) free people january catalog FreePeople_Roshambo Rock_May2013 (10) Print


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