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Vancouver Fashion Week 2012

September 20, 2012

I skipped out on Fernie last week and headed to the big city. I got off the plane in sunny Vancouver in a parka! Opps I didnt see the forecast lol, it was hot and I was over dressed as hell.

I did store buying for Spring 2013. Gentlefawn, Pink Martini, Obey, Vero Moda, Cest Moi, Black Sheep, Angel Eye, Jack, Lady Dutch, Fidelity, Volitile, ETC ETC! Aww no wonder I sunk into a booth at Chambar and sipped my fig infused gin martini with a side of blue cheese (ahh-mazing thank you Chambar) in a fog avec foie gras.

Noted Trends for Spring:

  • NAVY
  • Colour blocking
  • all over prints
  • suede shoes
  • Hi -Lo Dresses
  • Coloured tights
  • Pastel denim

I also attended the Opening Gala for Vancouver Fashion Week. I have never attended a Vancouver Fashion Week event before. My friend Erin and I were pretty excited. Even tho we nearly had to scam our way in due to poor organization on their end, we had a Zoolander of a time! (see video below)


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