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Sucker Punch Roller Derby Bout – WTF?

August 30, 2011

You obviously know by now that Fernie has started a roller derby team – The Avalanche City Roller Girls, girls have been skating together for a number of months now and last Saturday they went to battle in thier first ever bout against Kimberley – The Barvarian Barbarians. And it was simply amazing for all the attended and participated.

What I can tell you is that roller derby has absolutely exploded across the world in the last 10 years. Google it, you will be amazed the culture that has been growing behind this monster. Teams are found in nearly EVERY town in the US and Canada has been catching up in the last 4 years.

The East Kootenay Roller Derby League is only 4 months old, and already the first ever bout they threw this past Saturday attracted 800 spectators to the Marysville Arena!

Cranbrook, Invermere, Kimberly and now Fernie has joined in on the action taking its cues mainly from the much developed and large derby league in the West Kootenays – which boasts over 7 teams, even junior teams and all star travelling team.


Derby isnt about objectifying women, its not about getting slutty attention. Derby has done so much for many girls, confidence is one major part, and  personally I feel very excited, accomplished and empowered by joining this sport. I just think its so wonderful to see the girls come and grow through this. I am SOOOO proud of the Fernie girls, nothing like taking the angry bull by the horns and just going buck wild in the face of all your opposers and doubters. FUCK YA!

If you are new to derby and unsure what the hell is going on game wise, watch this awesome short video:


If you missed the Sucker Punch, that sucks for you cuz the season is technically over and the next bout wont be till next spring. You missed out! See you in the spring!

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