Catch up with Chan // Fall Look Ahead

August 22, 2016
Summer is winding down, today you could actually feel it in the air. Leaves are swirling on the ground in front of Freyja. *le sigh
Couple tidbits to catch up on!!
I was in sunny Las Vegas last week catching all the new spring 2017 looks, even picking up some ahh-mazing accessories and tops for fall. You won’t be disappointed! It was 46 degrees! Needles to say, Holden and I hit the pools in the very early morning, followed by days of air conditioned convention centres! Stay in touch with us over Instagram as we roll out new stock as it arrives! Like this new Ash and Ember Plaid shirt line!
Our second annual Style Showdown was in full force over August. This is our summer contest where we take a style that stalled in the shop and challenge instagrammers to style it and bring it to life.
Our Instagram feed reposted a look from all our fashionista contestants. If you searched the hashtag #styleshowdown in Instagram, you can still see all the looks posts. Contestants were allowed to post up to 5 looks with the questionable dress.
The response was amazing. They turned the hardest dress to style into the most versatile and stylish dress we had all summer. How amazing is that. We are so touched you all came forward and gave this once lonely dress, a spectacular showing.  We even had to bring in past staff and last year’s winner, Sarah Buchan to help us decide.
We were basing our scores on:
  • Fashion sense
  • Photography
  • Use of accessories 
  • Location 
  • Overall impression 


First Place for $250 in summer clothes

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.35.36 PM

Second Place for Freyja gift bag

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.36.16 PM

Third Place for Freyja gift bag

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.36.48 PM


We have gone completely choker mad here, arriving this week you;ll see choker’s Made by Emily in Calgary, and a new Canadian sweater line from Montreal, Twigg and Feather! More to come!!

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.45.33 PM Isabelle-1



Also, save the date Thursday October 6th – who doesn’t love a good drag show? Stay tuned, we have some FABULOUS news coming your way soon !!


Chan xx

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Style Showdown 2016 // Instagram Challenge Contest

August 2, 2016


I T ‘ S  B A A A A C K ! ! !

Last year we introduced you to our “Style Showdown”, its where customers, like yourself, pick up a fashion item from Freyja and style it the best you can on Instagram. The thing is, we had a dress that came into the store, and it just wouldn’t sell because it truly needed styling to see it at its best. So we challenge you to a styling contest!

Instead of storing the dresses for next year, we are giving them to you all to compete  – and you get to keep the dress after as a thank you. There are limited number of the dresses this year. So you will want to come to the store or contact us ASAP if you want in! This year’s challenge piece is a solid white or solid orange mod style, bat wing, shift dress. Let the games begin 😉

We will announce 3 winners August 16th, the top 3 winners will all receive awesome prizes!! 1st place takes $250 in Freyja summer collections. – Plus all the glory of being the Freyja Fashion Instagram Winner!!

The judging panel will exist of all Freyja staff and last year’s top winner Sarah Buchan. 

Photos will be judged on:

  • Accessories
  • Location
  • Photography skills
  • Creativity
  • Eye for Fashion

Important Stuff:

  • You must use the dress provided.
  • Style any way shape or form. Get creative with your accessories, makeup and locations.
  • Instagram your pic and tag us (@freyjalifestyle) and use hashtag #styleshowdown
  • Must have it posted by August 15th midnight!
  • If you do not use the dress and participate, please return the dress and let another fashionista try her hand at the challenge. We will out the no shows on social media!
  • Come pick up a dress at Freyja and fill out the tiny participation form.
  • Once you have a dress, enter up to 5 Instagram pictures!
  • Feel free to use photography apps and photo apps like VSCO, Beautify, Afterlight, PhotoMirror etc
  • Use selfie sticks if you need, employ a BFF or Instagram Husband to help photograph your great angles!
  • Follow the contest on our Instagram feed @freyjalifestyle


The stylists on staff at Freyja and myself have taken a dress home to style and photograph to provide some examples for you all. But its best to turn to your most favourite fashion bloggers for inspiration.

IMG_7359-1 IMG_7363-1

IMG_7370-1 IMG_7373 IMG_7407-1 IMG_7409-1


If you need to message us, contact us via our Facebook page or email


Cant wait to see your styling!!!


Chan xx


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Saskatoon Berry Magic in Fernie BC

July 29, 2016


Are you having an staycation time in Fernie at all this summer? Im home with a 4 month old so my beach time has been cut to under 10% –  if I’m lucky. I decided to take in a couple local activities that I have always said I was going to do, but now I have the excuse to stay in town and check it out.

I have always wanted to berry pick. Seems simple enough, but Ive never done it. I usually just pick up a crate of berries at the supermarket once in a while if they are on sale. So I packed baby up at 8am, before it would get too hot, and set out along the highway on the trail by The Stanford Hotel… and made my way to the Dairy Queen side of the Anderson Road turnoff (there are ‘toon bushes along there too).

I got 2 big bowls full in about an hour and a half, and that was stopping to change baby and play a bit.


If you plan to pick more then a bowl, Id suggest some rubber gloves. My hands were quite purple and sticky, thank goodness I had baby wipes!

Its easy to spot a Saskatoon berry bush, they are distinctive by there shooting upright branches and bright hot pink to dark purple berry bunches. ( I goggled images before heading out haha).

When I got home, I filled the kitchen sink with cold water and a cup of vinegar. Dumped the berries in and let them sit for 30 or so minutes. Not that I was worried about germs or pesticides, but it helped with any dust from the highway. When I went to drain I saw a tiny millipede struggling for his life. Glad I found him, not sure I want that kind of extra “flavour”.

Then it was baking time. I cheated this time. I won’t lie. I bought store pre-made tart shells and pie shells. But I did make fresh pie dough for the lattice top (and I only did that because I have a Kitchen Aid mixer and that makes life soon much easier).


I used this pie crust recipe and this filling recipe, substituting the blueberries for Saskatoon berries. I would cut the butter chunks from the filling recipe in half FYI.

I also discovered a new whipped cream – whipped coconut cream! Lactose and dairy free! It tastes so good!!!


Enjoy your freshly forged ‘toon pies!

I love a good pie and this fall dont forget about Creston BC peach harvest, they make great pies! I always make a day trip out there to load up.

Here are some I made last fall. Recipe for peach pie here.